The management model of the ICA Association was composed in order to separate and highlight each group role by ensuring freedom of decision to the respective group. The mandates duration of each association's group takes three years and the group structure is elected by the General Assembly. The organisation structure of the association is composed by the following 4 groups:


The Board is the group responsible for the management of the association and has the following main responsibilities:

  • Elaborate the activities plan for each year throughout the mandate;
  • Prepare the annual report regarding the management of the Association and the annual accounts for that year;
  • Prepare the annual Activities Plan and Budget and submit them to the General Assembly;
  • Prepare internal regulations and submit them to the General Assembly;
  • Execute the deliberations from the General Assembly;
  • Approve the agreement of any nature between the Association and third parties;
  • Decide about the creation, extinction and operation of commissions for the development of any temporary specific activity;
  • Present to the General Assembly the amount to be assign to the annual quotas as well as to the admission fee;
  • Create branches and other research and development units, according to articles number 2 and 3;
  • Present to the General Assembly the admission of new members, or their exclusion;
  • Request to the President of the General Assembly Board to convene the General Meeting;

Currently, the ICA Board is composed by the following members:

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme group of the association and is made up of all the association members. It is incumbent upon to the General Assembly:

  • Elect and dismiss any members of the association groups;
  • Resolve the changes to the statutes;
  • Set membership fees;
  • Present and approve the plans of activities, regulations and budgets prepared by the Board;
  • Proceed annually to the general appreciation of the Board and the Supervisory Board;
  • Deliberate on the association extinction;
  • Resolve any other internal issues of the association that are present on the assembly schedule.

The General Assembly meets regularly and extraordinarily and is oriented by the Assembly Board.

The ICA Assembly Board is currently composed by three elements:

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the body responsible for overseeing the association mainly on financial perspective and has the following main responsibilities:

  • Supervise the association group;
  • Prepare annually a report with its supervision results and provide an opinion to the report, accounts and proposals presented by the Board;
  • Check the regularity of books, accounting records and documents that are provided;
  • Verify, when it is deemed necessary and in the manner it deems appropriate, the cash flow and stocks of any kind of assets or securities belonging to the association or anything received as warranty, deposit or other security;
  • Check the accuracy and precision of the balance sheet and the income statement;
  • Convene the general meeting, when the Assembly president does not do it;
  • Perform the other functions assigned to it by the statutes and regulations;
  • Comply with the other attributions contained in the law.

Currently, the Supervisory Board consists of three elements:

Instructors Body

The Instructors Body is the responsible for the training management in ICA and has the following main responsibilities:

  • Manage instructor activities;
  • Ensure constant updating of the content and skills of the training process;
  • Promote a annual meeting of instructors to analyze the training process and review / update the contents and skills;
  • Manage and coordinate training courses in cooperation with the Board.

Currently, the ICA Instructors Body consists of four elements:


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