Skills and Techniques Laboratory

The International Canyoning Academy Association (ICA) is an international association dedicated to professional training and the ongoing research and development of the skills of practitioners and canyoning practitioners as defined in its statutes.

The laboratory of skills and techniques of ICA, abbreviated ICA.LAB, is the structure dedicated to the development and scientific research in the field of canyoning. To achieve better results in this area, ICA.LAB has established a close partnership with higher education. Thus, it is possible to create a union, with several associated advantages, between the practical and professional environment of canyoning with the teaching and research area.

It is ICA.LAB's mission to achieve excellence in the skills of professionals and canyoning practitioners. And this excellence is based on the connection between the care, precision and detail that science brings, and the concreteness and pragmatism that characterizes the professional sector.

The strategic objectives of ICA.LAB are:

  • Ensure the quality of the portfolio for canyoning professionals / practitioners;
  • Promote the correct development of skills;
  • Support the formation of members and the surrounding community;
  • To support the development and research of studies and publications;

The ICA.LAB has the following attributes:

  • Validate the techniques in use in the laboratory;
  • Develop and test new techniques;
  • Develop and validate skill profiles for professionals;
  • Elaborate own studies and in partnership with other entities;
  • Produce documentation (scientific articles, ICA training support material, reports, etc.);
  • Issuing technical recommendations;
  • Issue security alerts;