The International Canyoning Academy provides 2 access methods for all those who are interested and who have a commitment to the sport.

General access allows anyone to be a member of the association, however the position where the new member in the training model depends on their training experience. In September 2018 the professional development training regulation (FOR-00) was approved and with this the model of training of the Tobogã company was certified as an equivalence model. In November 2018 the partnership with CIC was established and the process of equivalence of competences was defined.

Access via course allows the new member to access directly to the level that the course confers, if it succeeds at the end of it. Access via course exempts the new member from the payment of the annuity in the year of enrollment.

All costs of the association are regulated by the table of values (GEF-01), which is a document proposed by the Board and approved by the General Meeting. You can consult the price card by clicking here.

General registration

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Registration in training

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