Table of values (GEF-01)

Item Value Unity
Member Registration 20 € By member in the act of joining
Annual Membership Fee 15 € By member / year
Member fee for less than 6 months 10 € By member / year
Instructor Course 300 € By trainee / course
Auxiliary Guide Course 500 € By trainee / course
Guide Course 450 € By trainee / course
White Water Workshop 150 € By trainee / workshop
Autonomy Course 200 € By trainee / course
Beginner Course 100 € By trainee / course
DGERT certificate for guide course or auxiliary guide course 50 € By trainee / course
Training day for unspecified situations 50 € By trainee / day

1 - ICA management may make adjustments to the values of the training courses, with the aim of promoting the association, provided that the changes do not jeopardize the financial viability of the course.
2 - The new members who access by enrolling in a training course, are exempt from paying the quota in the year of registration.
3 - The values of courses in partnership with other entities and not specified in this table should be fixed by the Direction of ICA.
4 - For trainees who are not members of the association, the values of the course add the VAT at the legal rate in force.

(*) This table was approved at the General Meeting of September 2018.