Price Table (GEF-01)

Item Value Unity
Membership Registration
Membership Registration Jewelry 20 € By member upon accession
Annual membership dues [professional group and training] 30 € By member / year
Annual membership dues [sports group] 15 € By member / year
Membership fee for less than 6 months 10 € By member / year
Canyoning Training
Instructor Course 400 € By trainee / course
Canyoning Guide 675 € By trainee / course
Auxiliary Guide - Rope Techniques 600 € By trainee / course
Auxiliary Guide - White Water 150 € By trainee / course
Canyoning Autonomy 300 € By trainee / course
Canyoning Practitioner 300 € By trainee / course
Complementary Training
PPE Inspection 75 € By trainee / course
Canyons Exploration 75 € By trainee / course
Accommodation at ICA Headquarters
1 night 5 € Per person / night
5 nights pack 4 € Per person / night
10 nights pack 3 € Per person / night
1 night non-member 10 € Per person / night

1. The direction of the ICA may make adjustments to the values ​​of training courses, with the objective of promoting the association, provided that the changes do not undermine the financial viability of the course.
2. New members who access registration in a training course are exempt from paying the share in the year of registration.
3. The values ​​of courses in partnership with other entities and not specified in this table shall be fixed by the ICA direction.
4. For graduates who are not members of the Association, the course values ​​add VAT to the legal rate in force.
5. Support to the training of instructor in formation, only applies if there is a real cost to the displaced instructor.
6. The value applies to days of recovery or examination integrated into a level of the level in question. For days of recovery or examination to measure, the forming should support the total costs.

(*) This table was approved at the December 2023 General Meeting.